Flashing the Edison Module

Version 3

    Before using the Edison module with one of the expansion boards available: Arduino Expansion Board or Mini-Breakout Board, the Yocto image must be flashed into the Edison module. This flashing process must be done using the Flash Tool Lite.

    The Flash Tool Lite is a new tool used to flash the latest Yocto image into the Edison module. For previous releases, another method was used which consisted on copying the image files into the Edison’s drive and then running the command “reboot ota”. This method is no longer used**. If you try to use it with the latest Yocto image, a “not enough space” error message will appear because the Edison’s drive partition is smaller than the space required by the latest Yocto image. The Flash Tool Lite, on the other hand, takes the latest Yocto image and flashes it into the Edison module regardless of the Edison’s drive partition.


    The Flash Tool Lite can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section, as well as the latest Yocto image. The Flash Tool Lite User Manual will help you through the flashing process.


    Alternative Flashing Method


    Besides the Flash Tool Lite, there is an alternative method to flash the Edison module. This alternative method consists on running a script called flashall. The flashall script can be found among the Yocto image files. The How to Run the Flashall Script document can be checked for further details about using the flashall script.



    **Note: The "reboot ota" method can be used if the Edison's drive has been re-partitioned before. The re-partition is made when the Edison module is flashed by the Flash Tool Lite. This means, the only way to upgrade the Yocto image version for the first time is through the Flash Tool Lite because the Edison's drive is not re-partitioned, but once it is flashed, the Edison's drive will be re-partitioned and the "reboot ota" method could be used to re-flash the module. However, the recommended method is to use the Flash Tool Lite.