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    Hey guys!,

    SO here is a very odd incident that happened with me with my Acer Aspire 4736 with Intel Core 2 duo t6400 2 cpus @ 2.0ghz. So actually i have set a cooling setup with Air conditioner cooling system( my own personal planned and made) and i was just testing the temperature change and then this happened.....

    I experienced the sudden rise in speed which was not expecting to go upto 16ghz!

    It was about on 16ghz till 5 secs and further jumps to 3 ghz....

    Did my setup disabled the thermal throttling at such an extent that it went upto 16ghz???or just a glitch in the cpu???

    I did actually feel the speed up so dont know that has gone wrong...

    please reply to what extent is this dangerous or cool

    Thanks Guys,