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    Intel @ GigaOm Structure: June 22-23, San Francisco, CA


    Structure is a leading cloud computing event that helps attendees make sense of where cloud services are headed and how they’ll affect everything from application development to data center design.










    At the event, Intel was a headline sponsor and we did the following:








    * Fireside Chat with Jason Waxman, Intel's GM, High Density Computing, Data Center Group on "Open Clouds: Can Anyone Agree?"

    At the event, Jason Waxman, Intel’s GM of High-Density Computing, engaged in a fireside keynote chat with Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent. One of the more interesting topics was how there is still a lack of transparency with the cloud around a bevy of important features and metrics, such as monitoring cost or security. In order for the industry to solve these problems, Jason Waxman talked about how the Open Data Center Alliance is spelling out requirements for cloud computing service providers so that users will be able to select and access service offerings based on standard, industry-accepted definitions ( To learn more, my colleague, Raejeanne Skillern, has an interesting article here on the importance of ODCA.) One potential output could be that there will eventually be different tiers of security that service providers can design to (such as bronze, silver and gold security tiers) that end-users could specify when buying cloud services. To see this fireside chat with the two Jasons, please go here.















    * Intel Workshop - Building Clouds: Real World Lessons from Intel Cloud Builder program and IT@Intel


    During the event, Das Kamhout, our lead architect of the Intel IT cloud, led a session and addressed the challenge of Intel becoming an IT service provider for its many business units. Afterwards, many service providers commented on the factthat they face similar challenges as Intel IT’s challenges. A few facts and figures that he mentioned include:


    •           In 2010, Intel IT more than tripled its rate of virtualization in the Office and Enterprise environment from 12% to 42% and is on track to achieve its goal of 75%.
    •           Intel IT reduced the time to provision new infrastructure services to 3 hours from 90 days by implementing an On Demand Self Service portal as part of its enterprise private cloud.
    •           Intel IT learned how to predict future capacity for their IAAS and PAAS services by analyzing the ratio of compute resources that end-users asked for versus what they actually consumed.






            *  Video interview with Jason Waxman on trends in cloud computing










    Intel @ Interop: May 8-12, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

    Interop is a leading IT Event that gives a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of all the latest innovations—including cloud computing, virtualization, security, mobility and data center advances. Join us and see more on Intel’s Cloud 2015 Vision at Interop Las Vegas 2011 at Mandalay Bay, May 9-12:


    • Keynote Session: Wednesday, May 11, 9:00am – 9:25am, Location: Mandalay Bay H - Keynote
    Kirk B. Skaugen, “Driving the Data Center Infrastructure for the Next Decade”

    • While at Interop, Kirk gave an overview of what the Cloud of 2015 will look like, and how Intel is driving the industry to move towards clouds that are federated, automated and client-aware. To see it on-demand, click on the video below.




    • Sponsored Speaking Session: Wednesday, May 11, 10:15am – 11:00am, Location: Mandalay Bay L
      Iddo Kadim, “Realizing Benefits of End-to-End Platform Security”







    • At the show, we also had demos about:




    • Using one-time password authentization with Intel Cloud Access 360 from a PC or smartphone to a public cloud service:



    • Single sign-on between internal directories (like active directory) with public cloud services (Google Apps, with Intel Cloud Access 360:















    Additionally, on May 9th, Intel announced availability of Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 and Intel® Expressway Service Gateway as modules in the McAfee Cloud Security Platform. The unified platform provides identity and access control and protects the content during transit to and from the cloud - securing email, web, and web services traffic. Modular by design, and connected to the McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence Network, the platform delivers consistent security policies and reporting for cloud traffic from the Enterprise to private and public clouds ... now available from a single platform.




    To see Intel's presence at Interop - view the following videos from Day 1:




    Day 2:



    Day 3:









    Intel at Cloud Connect - March 7-10, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

    At this event, Intel was a Diamond Sponsor. On March 8th, Intel also announced the Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 at Cloud Connect.


    Leading Intel partners at the event talked about how they are using Intel Cloud Access 360 for single sign-on among applications in the public cloud (such as Google apps, to directories within the firewall (like Active Directory).









    Additionally, Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA)'s Chairman Marvin Wheeler gave a keynote at the event and addressed how this organization, which consists of enterprises with a combined IT spend of more than $50B, is developping use case cloud requirements for vendors. (Disclosure: Intel is a technical advisor to the ODCA.)  Click on the link to watch his speech if you missed it.






    During the show, we also did the following:

    • Intel class titled: "End to End Secure Client to Cloud Access - SSO, Strong Authentication and Client Aware Security"
      • March 9, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
      • Location: Grand Ballroom G
    • Speakers:
      • Vikas Jain, Director, Product Management, Cloud Identity and Security, Intel
      • Chuck Myrick, Director, Global Services, Acumen Solutions
      • Sujay Sen, Practice Head, Consulting Services, L&T Infotech



    • Intel booth #202
      • March 8 - 9, 11 AM - 6 PM
      • Intel AES-NI Demo
        • Come learn about Intel® Xeon® 5600 Series servers with improved security and performance for applications and data encryption in the cloud through Intel AES-New Instructions



    • Intel Studioway Cloud Access 360 Demo (see attached brochure)
      • Learn what it means to manage the entire lifecycle of access security to the cloud. From user account provisioning  to federated SSO, and strong authentication - the expressway team demonstrates the real world user and administrative experience to make cloud accees secure, seamless, and controlled.
    • Nordic Edge One-Time Password Demo
    • Experts on Intel Cloud Builders Program
      • Walk through resources that will help end-users build a cloud, improve efficiency, enhance security, and simplify your data center
      • Come see what's new in the Intel® Cloud Builders webcast series and register for exclusive access to the Intel® Cloud Builders eBook







    To see Intel's presence at Cloud Connect - view the following videos from Day 1:




    Day 2:




    Intel Events in 2011 - Discussing What's New About Intel's Efforts with Cloud Computing


    Last year in October of 2010, Intel outlined three key elements to its “Cloud 2015” vision: a world of interoperable “federated” clouds; “automated” movement of software applications and resources; and PC and device-savvy “client-aware” clouds that know what processing should take place in the cloud or on your laptop, smartphone or other device. As Intel helps develp this “Cloud 2015” vision, we are aiming to make cloud-based Internet computing more interoperable, secure and simplified.


    To learn more about how Intel is driving cloud computing in 2011, we will be at the following events throughout the year:

    • Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, Nov. 28-Dec 1, Las Vegas, NV
    • Gartner Data Center Summit, Dec 5-8, Las Vegas, NV


    Part of what we will be discussing at each event are the following:

    • Intel® Cloud Builders, which features the world’s leading hardware and software makers who will commit resources to spur innovation and make clouds easier to deploy, use and share.
    • New Intel hardware and software products and associated technologies for cloud computing. For instance, Intel® Xeon® processors includes features such as smart energy efficiency, Intel® Virtualization Technology and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology that are perfectly suited for cloud computing.  See Intel demos and learn more about these products at the above events.
    • We would love to hear from you and understand what you would like to see from Intel before each event.  Please provide comments so that we can best help while at each show.


    If you're interested in learning more about how Intel is shaping the open data center of today and tomorrow for cloud computing, please go to . To learn more about our Intel Cloud Builders Program, please go to: