Use Case References for Intel® Hybrid Cloud

Version 1

    Purpose: Provide procedures for use cases highlighting Intel® Hybrid Cloud Technology.


    Use case reference designs provide users with examples for solving real problems in their environments by using Intel® Hybrid Cloud technology.  The list of use cases below will be expanded over time to include additional use cases.



    Deploying Microsoft SBS 2008 It used to take about 10 hours to install Microsoft SBS 2008, and to pay someone else to do it, it was expensive, still took a large chunk of time, and they had to find passwords and configuration information. With Intel® Hybrid Cloud however, it takes less than an hour to do it all with no hassle!         .Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Remote Management- Identifying of Hardware IssuesRemote Management with Intel® Hybrid Cloud is simply used to identify hardware issues remotely with no trouble to the user.         Image and video hosting by TinyPic.
    Backup Locally and to the CloudBacking up used to be a pain having to use a separate appliance, then manually switching tapes, and then storing in e-mail or on flash drives. But, on Intel® Hybrid Cloud, it backs up to a server appliance for a low monthly cost, it's automated, and the speed is unbelievably faster and the information storage capability is reliable.

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    Getting a Server Ready for your CustomerGetting a server ready for your customer is easy with Intel® Hybrid Cloud because the appliances work together, you save costs on functions you don't use, and they are unbelievably easy to setup! The Old way included a waste of time, money and effort, with most efforts resulting in failures and difficulty in managing the server in the first place.         Image and video hosting by TinyPic.
    Remote Management- Identifying BIOS Issues and Changing Them RemotelyWith Intel® Hybrid Cloud, utilizing Intel® Active Management Technology is easy to use to identify BIOS issues and to change remotely.

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    Remote Diagnostics and RepairTo do remote diagnostics and repair, it used to be that you had to call the customer and ID the issue, and then it would take a couple of hours and lots of money for replacement and installation of perhaps a new program, etc. With Intel® Hybrid Cloud, the server can be controlled via the Internet, and it can also be rebooted as needed. Then, appliances can be isolated, and access is easy and can be scheduled around the customer.         Image and video hosting by TinyPic.