Utilizing Fast Call For Help using an Intel vPro Technology Enabled Gateway

Version 4

    When PCs are inside the firewall, Intel® vPro™ Technology allows you to "see" them, regardless of OS state, as long as they are connected to a power source and connected via a LAN cable. If the PC (eg. a laptop or remote office PC) leaves the managed network, your management cosole can no longer reach it directly. A Fast Call For Help connection is initiated by the PC, rather than the console, so you may remotely manage, diagnose and repair Intel vPro PCs located outside corporate firewalls.The PC can be configured to connect back to the console on a trigger, alert, or on a scheduled basis.



    In order for a FCFH enabled client to reach within the enterprise from an external connection, an Intel vPro Enabled Gateway Server (VPEG) must be added to the enterprise infrastructure. AVPEG typically resides inside the Enterprise Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) but its location can vary depending on corporate policies; key point is that is must be reachable by remote clients.




    This page has resources for learning about Fast-Call-for-Help and vendors who provide solutions.


    Intel vPro Technology Gateway Vendors


    Check Point


    Fast Call for Help Considerations for Enterprise Integration - Special Focus on Check Point SmartDefence vPro Enabled Gateway - This whitepaper describes the architecture to deploy an Intel vPro Enabled Gateway from Check Point with a management console.


    Other Resources


    Fast Call for Help Considerations For Enterprise Integration- This whitepaper describes the general architecture and provides an example of deploying an Intel vPro Enabled Gateway with a management console.