Using Static IP Addressing with Intel® AMT

Version 1

    The Intel® AMT IP address can be either an IPv4 address or, starting with Release 6.0, an IPv6 address.


    There are two ways that the IP address can be configured in Intel AMT 6 and earlier versions:

    • Intel AMT and the host have a shared dynamic IP address and a single host name (IPv4 only). The IP address is issued by a DHCP server on request by the host. Intel AMT either detects DHCP address requests and responses.
    • Intel AMT and the host have different static IP addresses and host names (wired interface only). This is valid but requires two IP addresses per platform. A single static IP address shared between the OS and Intel AMT is not supported.




    • Using static IP addresses limits access to certain Intel AMT features that depend on the presence of a DHCP server.
    • A configuration where Intel AMT gets its IP address dynamically, while the host has a static IP, is invalid.
    • Intel AMT 6 and earlier releases support a configuration where the host has a dynamic IP and Intel AMT has a static IP. Starting with Release 7.0, this will be an invalid configuration. 
    • Intel AMT and the host never share the same IPv6 address, whether it is a DHCPv6, Router Advertisement or manually configured IP address.