USB Key Provisioning not working in Lenovo T410s

Version 1

    I ran into the situation recently of attempting to use a USB key to load a Certificate Hash on to a Lenovo T410s.  I created the USB key using the USBFILE.exe program. I was able to use the Key to provision an HP 8440p.  When I attempted to do the same to provision a Lenovo T410s the machine turned on and just stayed at the Thinkpad opening screen.


    After some hunting I found that there might be a possible BIOS issue.  I checked and found that the T410s was running version 1.11 ECP:1.08.


    I then downloaded Version 1.41 ECP 1.12 and applied it.  Lenovo gives you a choice of making a bootable ISO to load the BIOS upgrade.  I could not get this to work so I used the upgrade utility I could run in the OS.


    After I upgraded the BIOS .......VIOLA USB Key provisioning worked like a champ.


    Hope this helps others from spending time trying to troubleshoot.


    Below is a link to the actual upgrade.  I don't know if the other models are affected but if you see this behavior it might be worth a shot!!!