Finding Intel® vPro™ Systems Using the Intel® SCS System Discovery Utility

Version 12

    How To Find Intel® vPro™ Technology Based PCs-->Finding Intel® vPro™ Systems Using the Intel SCS Standalone System Discovery Utility


    Before you start…

    • All the clients that you want to discover must be connected to your corporate network and powered-on.
    • Each system must be running a supported version of the Windows* operating system.
    • To capture all the Intel® AMT information, each client with an Intel® Management Engine (Intel® ME) must have the Intel ME Interface (Intel MEI) Driver installed.  Only systems with Intel AMT will have an Intel ME.

    To discover Intel vPro Technology systems using the Intel SCS Standalone System Discovery Utility, do the following:

    1. Download the latest Intel Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) package from the Intel® download site (link). The download package includes a user guide for the utility.
    2. Deploy the Standalone System Discovery Utility to each client using your third-party management tools.
    3. Run the Standalone System Discovery Utility to collect the data.  The data will be placed in the Windows* registry.
    4. Retrieve the data from the Windows registry on each client and collect it into a central database.  The data on each client is stored in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Intel\Setup and Configuration Software\SystemDiscovery (32-bit and 64-bit operating systems) and at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Intel\Setup and Configuration Software\SystemDiscovery (64-bit operating systems). Refer to the User Guide for details on each registry key.

    How can I remotely retrieve the registry values?  There are several tools available to remotely retrieve registry values.  For example, the Microsoft* Remote Registry PowerShell module can be used to retrieve the values. (See:

    1. After you have collected the data you can then generate various reports to help in planning your Intel AMT deployment.  For example, the AMTVersion data will help you understand which Intel AMT features are supported by the client by looking up the list of features in the Intel vProTechnical Reference Guide (available here on the Intel vPro Expert Center).


    For more information, refer to the Intel SCS Standalone System Discovery Utility user documentation.

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