Finding Intel® vPro™ Systems Using Symantec* Altiris Client Management Suite

Version 7

    How To Find Intel® vPro™ Technology Based PCs-->Finding Intel® vPro™ Systems Using Symantec* Altiris Client Management Suite



    Before you start…

    • All the clients that you want to discover must be connected to your corporate network and powered-on.

    • Each system must be running a supported version of Windows*.

    • Each client must have the Intel® Management Engine Driver installed.

    • Each client must have the Altiris* client agent installed.

    To discover Intel Active Management Technology capable systems, do the following:

    1. Go to the Out of Band Portal.  From the console, choose Home>Remote Management>Out of Band Management.
    2. From the left panel, choose Do Step 1: Discover Out of Band Capable Systems.  In the Out of Band Discovery panel on the right, toggle the On/Off button to On.  Choose Save Changes.  You will need to wait a few minutes to give Altiris* CMS time to discover all the systems.


    Altiris 01.png


    After the systems have been discovered, the portal will show a bar graph in the right hand pane called Total Number of Intel AMT, ASF and DASH Systems.  Click on the Intel AMT bar to get a list of all the Intel AMT capable systems.  (This list includes systems that are already configured for Intel AMT.)


    Altiris 02.png


    For more information, refer to the Altiris* on-line help and product documentation.


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