Finding Intel® vPro™ Systems Using Microsoft* ConfigMgr

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    How To Find Intel® vPro™ Technology Based PCs-->Finding Intel® vPro™ Systems Using Microsoft* ConfigMgr



    Before you start…

    • All the clients that you want to discover must be connected to your corporate network and powered-on.

    • Each system must be running a supported version of the Windows* operating system.  Refer to the Microsoft documentation for details.

    • Each client with an Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) must have the Intel® ME Interface (Intel MEI) Driver installed.

    • Each client must have the Microsoft* ConfigMgr client agent installed.

    • Microsoft* ConfigMgr must have the Out of Band Service Point installed and configured.

    • Complete a hardware inventory cycle.



    To discover Intel vPro Technology systems using Microsoft* ConfigMgr, use the in-band ConfigMgr agent to discover the Intel AMT capabilities during the hardware inventory cycle.



    To find all the Intel vPro systems, do the following:


    1. In the ConfigMgr console, create a collection of All Intel AMT Systems.  Use the following criteria to populate the collection:
      AMT Agent.Provision State less than or equal to 3


    ConfigMgr 04.png

    1. The collection will be updated to include all the Intel AMT systems (both provisioned and unprovisioned) after the next hardware inventory cycle.  To view the collection, click on the All Intel AMT Systems collection.

    configMgr 03.png

    1. You can create custom reports showing the Intel AMT firmware versions found in the hardware inventory scan to help you plan your deployment of Intel vPro technology.  Here is an example of a report that provides a count of each Intel AMT firmware version found in the database:


    configMgr 01.png


    Refer to the Microsoft* documentation for details on how to create a custom report.  This query will generate the following report:


    configMgr 02.png



    For more information, refer to the Microsoft* ConfigMgr on-line help and product documentation at


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