JUMP IN - Start and Contribute to Discussions

Version 1

    A discussion is a conversation between users. You can use discussions to exchange ideas, ask questions, or provide answers.


    Starting a discussion

    Before starting a new discussion, you should browse through the current discussions to see if your topic is already mentioned.


    1. Navigate to the community where you want to start your discussion.
    2. In the Actions box, click Start a discussion.
    3. Type a descriptive title for your discussion.
    4. If your new discussion is not a question, uncheck the box beside Mark this thread as a Question.
    5. Use the built-in text editor to insert text, tables, pictures, videos, and hyperlinks.

      In Attach Files, either type the attachment location and filename, or browse to the file to upload it.

      Tags are keywords associated with content. Tags can help other users find your discussion. Make sure that any tags you add are as relevant as possible. Usually you will see a list of useful tags, which can give you some ideas.
    6. When you’ve finished editing, click Post Message.


    Replying to a discussion

    When you reply to a discussion, your response will be posted below the most recent response.


    1. From within the discussion, click Reply.
    2. Use the text editor to add your comments.
    3. Click Post Message.

    Using discussions to ask Questions

    You can designate any discussion that you start as a Question. When a discussion is marked as a Question, the icon for the discussion changes, and other users are encouraged to provide provide helpful information or answers.


    By default, any new discussion is designated as a Question. You can verify this by ensuring that the box beside Mark this thread as a Question is checked when you create the discussion post.


    Marking Replies as Answers

    When other users respond to your question, you can mark their responses as either Helpful Answer (2 Reputation points) or Correct Answer (5 Reputation points). Up to three responses can be designated as Helpful, but only one response can be marked as Correct. When you mark a reply as a Correct Answer, the icon in the discussion list will change to reflect that the question has been answered.


    NOTE: Only the originator of the Question or a Moderator can mark it as answered.


    NOTE: If your question was not answered through the discussion but was answered another way, you can mark your question as answered and provide a summary. To do this, open the Question thread and click Mark as answered at the top. Type a brief summary and click Mark Answered. The icon for the discussion thread will change to show that the question no longer requires an answer.