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At SAP TechEd 2010, the Intel IT team unveiled a new server sizing assessment tool for IT professionals that will aid in modeling appilcation workloads and a variety of factors that affect server resource consumption during the life of a server's deployment.  This users forum was created to help provide backgound on the tool and a place for tool users to ask questions of it's creators.


This tool was based on an Intel IT Server Sizing Study when making decisions about our own internal ERP (enterprise resource planning) environment.  This user forum gives you background on the tool, resources on how to use the tool and the ability to ask questions of the Intel IT team.


Explore the resources below or jump right in and start using the tool:


Intel IT Sizing Study                          

serversizing paper graphic.png


      Tool Input Screen                    Tool Output Screen

SvrSizingInput.JPG  svrsizingoutput.JPG



Intel IT developed a quantitative model to assist with server sizing by analyzing the effects of various factors on the utilization of the primary server resources: compute, memory and I/O.  We found that server sizing and selection is a critical element of Intel IT's enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructure strategy, which makes use of both two-socket and four-socket servers.


Under-sizing servers may result in the need for mid-life server refresh, which can result in significant disruption to business operations, added logistical complexity, and increased total cost of ownership.


As part of the, we engage our IT peers in the industry seeking to share IT best practices for creating business value. Server sizing is a hot topic.  Our findings is that there are many opinions, approaches and even at times, dare I say it, religions.


This web-based server sizing tool shares a quantitative model that allows you to projects workload behavior and choose and compare up to 3 server configurations - from either pre-configured options or create-your-own custom versions - to better understand if your server will meet user service level agreements (SLA) by staying below projected maximum resource utilization levels for memory, compute an I/O .


Since the value a any tool depends greatly on understanding the inputs, outputs and model behind the tool, the Intel IT team wanted to provide tool users a place to go and discuss the tool or the approach. Therefore, this USER Forum is intended to help you use the current tool, provide feedback and suggestions for enhancements.  The creators of the tool and the IT professionals behind Intel IT's are monitoring this forum to answer your questions.


Try out the tool.  Simply click the link, accept the terms and conditions and start your analysis.


Need Help?

There is built-in help within the tool’s information buttons provided with most fields

If you still need assistance, post a comment or question below and we will respond.


Let us know what you think about the tool and any suggestions you have by posting a comment or request below.


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