Enhanced Remote Repair with Microsoft* Windows* PE

Version 9

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    Microsoft* has a version of Windows* 7 called Windows PE (WinPE). It is able to boot from a CD-ROM and be a light weight, one- size-fits-all OS. WinPE can be used to troubleshoot systems and image new OSs. Coupled with Intel® AMT many of these tasks can be performed remotely. This document outlines creating a WinPE .iso image using the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) for Windows 7 and a RealVNC VNC* Server. The VNC Server provides a Graphical User Interface for the connection to the remote system running WinPE when KVM Remote Control is not used. The document outlines how to integrate the minimal services needed to make remotely using WinPE possible.


    UPDATED for 2nd Generation Intel® Core vPro Processors!






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