Iflash Version 1

Version 1
    Hello all,  As for all new Intel (R) Desktop Boards, the iflash version 2 are being used. Previously for most old desktop boards, we were using the iflash version 1.  I have encountered a few problems when using iflash 2 on old desktop board, however if i try the same thing with the iflash 1, it works fine.  For those who are looking for iflash 1, it can be extracted from the iso image of bios update file.   I have attached a sample of iflash file with the bio file for the Intel (r) desktop board DG965OT as a reference.  If you have got another board, you just need to download .bio file for the corresponding board and replace the .bio file.  If you wish to use the autorun.bat file, you will need to edit it and replace the line with the correct .bio file's name.  iflash /pf MQ1754P.BIO /rb   Here the bio file name is MQ1754P.BIO; this is the bio file for the board DG965OT.  All the best,  Kind Regards, Aryan.