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    Estimating the value of any technology oriented project accurately is critical – for prioritizing limited capital funds and for maintaining IT credibility with business stakeholders.  For the past couple years, Intel IT has developed a financial methodology that we use to estimate the benefits of server refresh. Through sharing this methodology, engaging in peer to peer dialogue on project valuation approaches we have been able to modify the savings estimator over time, enhancing it’s capability and functionality.


    We have continued to update and enhance the tool over time with feedback from many IT and sales professionals from around the world. The New Refresh Estimator (released Feb 2010) has some significant enhancements to the model and user interface.


    This USER’s Forum is intended to help you use the current tool, provide feedback and suggestions for enhancements or get access to earlier versions of the tool.


    Gain Access the Estimator:

    On-line web usage of the estimator is open to the public and provided at no cost


    NEW May 2010!! Do you desire to work offline onthe estimator, download it here

          - we do ask your to provide your email so that we can mail you any tool revision updates if needed. No marketing involved.


    If you were a registered user of previous version of this Tool (hosted by Alinean), then you can access that version here



    Getting Started:

    The tool is designed for self use with limited guidance.

    NEW VIDEO (released May 2010) to help guide you through the capabilities of the tool and tips on how to model your scenario.



    Need Help?

    There is built-in help within the tool’s information buttons provided with most fields

    If you still need assistance, post a comment or question below and we will respond.




    Let us know what you think about the tool and any suggestions you have by posting a comment or request below.





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