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Out-of-Box Configuration for KVM Remote Control

Intel® vPro™ Technology Use Case Reference Design




This reference design provides a way to remotely configure a system “out of the box” in just a few short steps to allow the use of KVM Remote Control.


Formerly titled Quick KVM Remote Control for Brand New 2010 Intel Core vPro Processor Based PCs





File size:

1627 KB

Est. download time:

30 seconds under LAN conditions




Available In This Download:

  • kvm.css
  • kvm.hta
  • KVMoff.bat
  • KVMon.bat
  • license.txt
  • OptinOff.bat
  • OptinOn.bat
  • Out-of-box KVM Remote Ctl v1.3.pdf (applies to v1.4)
  • settings.bat
  • winRMcfg.bat
  • y.txt


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