Announcement: Intel® AMT Plug Fest for the Embedded Board Vendors (EBV)

Version 2

    Date: Dec. 16th, 2009 (Wed.)
    Venue: Grand Formosa Regent, Taipei

    Many EBVs are targeting to launch their Intel® AMT 6.0 Platform Technology enabled boards in Q1, 2010. In order to expedite the launches for the EBVs, and also to ensure the quality of the end products, Intel is organizing the Intel® AMT 6.0 Plug Fest for the EBVs event with the objective of verifing the boards from these EBVs to ensure they are meeting Intel® AMT 6.0 design specifications and requirements. All participating EBVs are required to bring along their designed boards to the workshop for testing and verifications conducted by the Intel technical engineers.



    During the event, Intel is also providing additional training sessions targeting the Intel® AMT hardware and software developers:

    • Intel® AMT Management Engine (ME) debug and manufacturing tools training   
    • Intel® AMT software tools training inclusive of Intel AMT Software Development Toolkit (SDK) , Intel® AMT Provisioning tools, and the demo of the latest Intel AMT features using Intel Express Management Console 2.0.




    For more information about the event registration and agenda, please visit: