Intel® Antitheft Status Utility (Now with 64bit OS support)

Version 7

    Determine the state of Intel® Anti-Theft technology in supported computers


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    Provides the capability to check the status of Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT).  Will determine if the status of Intel® AT is active or inactive.

    • The Intel(R) Antitheft Status Utility runs as a command line application. Running the utility with the /? switch will display the options available in the
      current release.  See example below:


      C:\> AntiTheftStatus.exe /?

      Intel(R) Antitheft Status Utility version 1.0.9324.256
      Copyright (C) Intel Corporation 2009

      Tests the state of Intel(R) Anti-Theft Technology.

      AntiTheftStatus.exe [/s | /v]

      /s    silent mode
      /v    verbose mode

      Return Values:
      0 - Intel(R) Anti-Theft technology is inactive
      1 - Intel(R) Anti-Theft technology is active
      2 - Intel(R) Anti-Theft technology indicates stolen
      all other return values are error values


    • see Readme.txt for the latest instructions.





    File size:

    158 KB

    Est. download time:

    1-2 sec. under LAN conditions






    • Intel® AMT version 4.1.x or 6.x.x
          - Must have Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver installed


    • Microsoft .NET* Framework 2.0
    • Windows* XP* Service Pack 2 (or later)
    • Windows* Vista* (any edition, service pack)
    • Windows* 7 (any edition)
    • Run utility as administrator user


    NOTE: This build supports both 32bit and 64bit OS


    Available In This Download:

    • Feedback / Bug Report Form
    • Readme File
    • License Agreement


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