Intel ® Integrator Toolkit Help Guide

Version 1

    The Intel® Integrator Toolkit assists system integrators in the configuration and manufacturing of computer systems using Intel® Desktop Boards.  The toolkit includes three choices of application interfaces for setting system configurations and generating INI files; the DOS* or Microsoft Windows* PE-based interface and the Microsoft Windows-based Intel Integrator Toolkit interface.


    The toolkit functions include:

    •     Extraction of BIOS settings and SMBIOS information from a reference system. 

    •     Flash capability to automatically update BIOS versions, if needed.

    •     Replication of extracted BIOS settings and SMBIOS settings onto a target system.

    •     Verification that the target system was built with the correct hardware configuration.


    The toolkit also supports replicating settings through automated scripts during the integrator's manufacturing process.  This reduces the number of multiple system reboots that slow down the build process and improves manufacturing beat rates.


    The user can download the latest BIOS directly from Intel when connected to the Internet.  Also, if there is a version update of the application, it can be downloaded by clicking the "Update now" link on the launch page.  This link only appears if a newer version is available.