FailSafe® with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Whitepaper

Version 1

    This whitepaper provides an overview of the FailSafe® solution that allows businesses and consumers to take advantage of Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT). FailSafe® , from Phoenix Technologies, delivers a robust solution for protecting laptops and their sensitive data through integrated hardware and software technologies. Through FailSafe, an authorized administrator or enterprise security officer can define hardware-based policies, including a “poison pill” (also known as a disable command) that remotely or locally commands the laptop to take specific actions intended to protect the laptop and the data, identify whether the intended user has the asset, and identify the asset’s location. The next time the laptop checks with the FailSafe server over the Internet, it will block the boot process and lock the laptop, rendering the system unusable and the data safe. Since the FailSafe agent checks in every three minutes when connected to the network, the window of vulnerability for data breaches is reduced from hours – even days – to mere minutes. Additionally, FailSafe with Intel AT capabilities is a hardened solution. Key components of the solution remain in place even if the OS is inoperable, the laptop’s BIOS is reflashed, or the hard drive is reformatted or replaced. Finally, if the system is recovered, reactivation is simple and rapid. Since the poison pill is not destructive, the administrator simply enters the passphrase to restore the system to normal operation. With FailSafe and Intel AT, administrators now have a more reliable, hardware-based approach to protecting assets and minimizing risk from lost or stolen laptops.