Having issues installing Intel Active System Console on Windows Vista/7/2008 R2

Version 1

    Hello all,


    Here is a guide which i made for those who are having trouble installing IASC on Windows Vista and Seven.


    See the attached file.


    Before doing anything on Windows Vista and 7:


    Make sure to create a user with Administrator Priviledge and it needs to be password protected.

    1.    Logon to Vista/Seven using your usual account.

    2.    Launch the cmd prompt - Make sure you select, 'Run as administrator'

    3.    Net user administrator p£ssw0rD

    4.    Net user administrator /active:yes

    5.    Switch User, or logoff

    6.    Logon as Administrator  Password p£ssw0rD 


    I did this installation several times. This has been confirmed also by one of the community users who was having issues.




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