Simple Configuration of Microsoft NPS as Radius for 802.1X - Part 1

Version 1

    In Windows 2008 Microsoft NPS (Network Policy Server) replaces the Microsoft IAS (Internet Authentication Service) in Windows 2003 as their Radius (AAA Server) component for granting access to secure networks. 

    Additionally, NPS can implement extensive health checks to ensure clients comply with your secure policy and can quarantine clients to remediation network to bring them up to compliance (out of scope for just using as Radius).

    Here we will review how to install and configure NPS as a simple Radius for gaining access to secure networks.  This document will assist in setting up a pilot for testing your AMT clients OOB (out of band) connectivity with 802.1X enabled networks with NPS as the Radius.

    We will review how to configure a wired 802.1X switch & a Cisco Aironet 1200 wireless AP as AAA clients with NPS to provide OOB access to AMT clients.

    We will setup a simple policy to allow all authenticated domain users and domain computers on your 802.1X enabled network.