Simple Wireless Setup for AMT

Version 1

    Yes, you can still benefit from wireless implementation of AMT even if you do not have an ISV application to provision the wireless profile in AMT FW.

    If you have your AMT clients provisioned in Small business mode and do not have any “Provision Server” installed, you could still use Intel WebUI to push wireless profile to AMT FW and benefit from wireless AMT.

    Yes, you could even use this method to do a simple prototype with wireless AMT to showcase its usability.

    Yes, you do not need any Radius backend infrastructure.

    All you need is basic DHCP & DNS services in your IT environment.

    You can use WPA-Personal protocol with a security key for encryption.

    All you need is an inexpensive wireless AP (Linksys or Netgear) that can support WPA protocol and an AMT client provisioned in SMB mode.