ROI Analysis: Call Center Achieves 428% ROI Using Dynamic Virtual Clients on PCs with Intel® Core™2 Processor with vPro™ Technology

Version 1

    Call centers can be complex environments. Many compute models try to address the information technology (IT) issues that are fundamental to such environments. A dynamic virtual client (DVC) model is particularly well-suited to resolving the complex, shared, and rapidly changing environments of these centers. In the DVC model, appli-cations and PC images are managed centrally, but executed on the client side. Pilot studies have shown the potential effectiveness of this type of solution. For example, after a detailed, 6-month study, a prominent Fortune 100 food and beverage company is projecting 428% positive return on investment (ROI) in 4 years by deploying a DVC solution in a call center on just 400 desktop PCs.1,2 The pilot showed that the company could save up to $210,000 within 4 years—a net benefit of about $500 per PC. In addition to substantial benefits in faster services and lower costs, the DVC model also offers increased user productivity, improved security for customer data, and minimized business risk.