Embedded OEM Guide - Things to be aware when designing Intel® vProTM Technology

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    The following pointers should help OEMs, TPBVs, SIs, and alike to be aware of important factors when designing Intel®vProTM Technology based systems.


    Please Note: This document is not substitute for a detailed requirements document. Please use this as Best Practices.


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    UUID for every system should be unique


    Every system supporting Intel®vProTM technology which is intended to be Intel®AMT provisioned must have a unique UUID.

    Failure to do so, will lead to provisioning failure of multiple systems. Only the first system will be provisioned, but subsequent system with the same UUID will be rejected.


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    Does your vProTM system support multiple Ethernet ports?

    DescriptionIf a system supports multiple Ethernet ports, please be sure to designate the port which is connected to the ICH for Intel AMT use as well (regular OS traffic will also be supported) by documentation or other means. This will help an AMT activation expert to avoid using a wrong port during AMT activation.


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    Pre-Provisioning systems with PSK at the OEM factory?


    If the systems are pre-provisioned at the OEM factory with PSK keys, please save a copy of these keys before shipping the systems. During the actual deployment of these systems, the PSK keys will be needed to store in the Provisioning Server.

    Also use a secure way to ship the PSK keys to your end-customer.

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    Does your system have the latest Intel® ME firmware?


    Please be sure to update your systems with the latest Intel® ME firmware, Intel® AMT drivers.

    Visit Intel® Validation Internet Portal to download the latest firmware https://platformsw.intel.com/index.aspx.

    For comprehensive listing of known issues, Best practices and workarounds, please visit

    Known Issues, Best Practices, and Workarounds