Automatic Configuration of Intel® vPro™ Technology using SCS 6.0 Lite and PKIs

Version 6

    Intel Setup and Configuration Service (SCS) 6.0 Lite is a provisioning service, designed for small businesses and their service providers, that will automate Intel AMT configuration.  The lightweight version requires minimal infrastructure to accommodate smaller sites.  It requires installing a service on one server or computer in a network.  The service keeps a profile which is used to configure Intel AMT settings for all the computers in the network. The SCS 6.0 Lite service can be used with a provisioning certificate (PKI) purchased from a third-party company (GoDaddy, VeriSign, Comodo, Starfield) to automatically provision AMT client computers without requiring a touch to the client computer.

    The provisioning certificate is purchased and installed on the computer hosting the SCS 6.0 Lite service.  With the certificate installed, the AMT client computers can automatically trust the service.  The activator utility can be distriubited to each client computer and run to configure AMT.

    The steps to configure Intel AMT client computers using PKIs are:

    1. Install the SCS 6.0 Lite service on any Microsoft Windows* based computer.   
      The lightweight version of SCS is designed for the MSP/SMB market and does not required the installation of a database or other infrastructure in small sites.  Download the latest version of SCS 6.0 Lite here:

    2. Install the provisioning certificate (PKI) on the computer hosting the SCS 6.0 Lite service.
      The PKI must be installed under a user configured with "Logon as Service" rights   
    3. Remotely distribute & run the Activator utility on each client PC to complete provisioning.   
      The client PC will find the SCS 6.0 Lite service in the network and ask for the configuration profile.