WiPro Whitepaper: Optimizing PC Fleet Management in China

Version 2

    The attached whitepaper (in simplified Chinese) by WiPro was written for IT decision makers and practitioners in China.


    This whitepaper provides:


    ·         A description of current PC management and refresh policies from 50 Chinese enterprises representing a wide range of industries

    ·         A review of IT efficiency, PC security, notebook migration and power savings 

    ·         Comparison of IT efficiency in firms with managed and unmanaged IT


    Some of the more interesting findings revolve around the benefits that China firms experience as they migrate from an old desktop PC to a new notebook PC:

    ·         A Chinese firm can reduce energy costs by up to Y124 per PC per year by replacing a desktop PC older than four years with a new notebook PC

    ·         A Chinese firm gets up to 5 more hours of productivity (about Y10,560 per PC) out of the average employee with a notebook PC over a desktop PC

    ·         A Chinese firm can recoup the additional cost of a notebook PC (over a desktop PC) in as little as 3 months


    For more information, please download the whitepaper.