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    The Intel® vProPacket Decoder is a debug / test tool for capturing and decoding Intel® AMT commands that are sent between, a management console and an Intel AMT platform. This application is designed to work either on the same system as the management console or on a separate system on the same local network hub (a switch won't work) as the Intel AMT management console and the Intel AMT platform it manages. The Intel® vProPacket Decoder provides the ability to capture the Intel AMT commands sent between the management console and the Intel AMT platforms it manages. The details of these packets are then decoded for viewing as a request – response pair. See readme.rtf for more information. Released under an open source license with source code available upon request. New features in the release include Intel AMT 4.0/5.0 decoding, logging, and result search capabilities.




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    • Release Notes with Known Issues


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