Automated Configuration of Intel® vPro™ Technology Systems (Standard Mode)

Version 3

    Intel Setup & Configuration Service (SCS) 6.0 Lightweight is a provisioning service, designd for small businesses and their service providers, that will automate Intel AMT configuration.  The lightweight version requires minimal infrastructure to accomodate smaller sites.  It requires installing a service on one server or computer in a network.  The services keeps a profile which is used to configure Intel AMT settings for all the computers in the network.  With the service installed, there are two methods for configuring systems:




    1. Pre-Shared Keys (PSK) - Keys are created by the SCS service and loaded onto each client computer.  The pre-shared key establishes a trust between the SCS service and the client computer.  Once trust is established, an activator utility is run on the client computer to request AMT configuration (via the profile). 
    2. Certificates (PKI) - A special certificate can be purchased and installed on the computer hosting the SCS service.  With this certificate installed, the AMT client computers can automatically trust the service and the activator utility can be run on each client to configure AMT (via the profile).  The network must have a DHCP server capable of configuring option 15 in order for certificates to work properly.




    The Intel SCS 6.0 Lightweight Technology Preview is available for download here: