Improved Manual Configuration of Intel® vPro™ Technology Systems (Basic Mode)

Version 6

    It's possible to completely configure an Intel AMT version 4.0 or above system using only a properly configured USB key.  The Intel AMT Configuration Utility can be used to properly configure a USB key for this task.




    Download the Intel AMT Configuration Utility zip file (available at: to your computer and decompress.  In the directory “Standalone_Activator_Wizard” is the ActivatorWizardScript.bat file.  Copy the ActivatorWizardScript.bat file and the entire \bin directory to a USB key and take it to the Intel AMT computer needing configuration.  In a few simple steps, the computer with Intel AMT 4.0 or above can be completely configured.




    1. Insert the USB key into an open port on the Intel vPro computer that needs configuration

    2. Run the utility from the USB key by double clicking on ActivatorWizardScript.bat.

      Note: The first step of the .bat file is to copy all of the Intel AMT Configuration Utility executable files to a temp directory on the computer.  The USB key will be formatted when the Intel AMT Configuration Utility runs.  After the key is formatted and properly configured, the executable files are copied back to the USB key.  ***Any data on the USB key, other than the Intel AMT Configuration Utility will be lost!!!***

    3. Click Next on the Welcome Screen (this option will only be available if the Intel AMT version is 4.0 or above.)


    4. Fill in the desired configuration data for the MEBx password and Intel AMT power settings, then click Next.

      To enable the vPro power on features, you must select Manageability is ON in low power states (S3, S4, & S5).

    5. Fill in the remaining configuration information (hostname, domain name, and network configuration - DHCP or static IP).


      If DHCP is enabled, the Intel AMT host name must match the Windows host name (Windows Computer Name)
      If DHCP is disabled, the Intel AMT host name must be different from the Windows host name and the Intel AMT static IP address must be different from the Windows static IP address

    6. Select the USB key to be used from the drop down list and click Next


      You will see a warning that all files on the USB key will be lost.  The Intel AMT Configuration Utility files will be copied back to the USB key, but if there are other important files on the USB key you will want to save those before completing this step.


    7. Click Finish and reboot the computer

    8. When the computer reboots, Type “Y” when prompted with “Continue with auto-provisioning?”

    9. The computer is now configured. Once Intel AMT has been configured, also known as provisioned, the next step is to integrate the computer into the management console.  The system may also be tested using the Web UI.  Open a web browser on another computer in the network and type in the address of the computer just configured, specifying port 16992 (http://x.x.x.x:16992).  If the configuration was successful, the Intel AMT login screen will appear in the web browser.