Intel(R) vPro Glossary

    Intel® vPro Glossary


    Version: 1.0

    Date: July 22, 2009





    The process to configure Intel® vPro firmware (specifically Intel® AMT), network infrastructure, and third- party system management software to work together in order to allow the management software to fully utilize Intel vPro system management capabilities.

    Agent Presence

    Monitors agent heartbeats and alerts if agent does not respond.


    Basic Input Output System


    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol


    Domain Name Service

    Enterprise Mode

    Provisioning model used for larger organizations

    Hardware Inventory

    Inventory of the hardware installed on the Intel vPro client, such as processor, hard drive, etc.


    IDE Redirection; sends the IDE input and output of the Intel vPro client to/from the management console machine, allowing the user to remotely interact with the client during pre-boot phase.

    Intel® AMT

    A technology that includes hardware-based remote management features, as well as security, power-management and remote-configuration features.  These features allow an IT technician to access a PC with Intel® AMT when traditional techniques and methods to manage the PC are not available.

    Intel® Centrino® Pro processor technology

    Intel processor technology that provides a higher level of security and management to mobile computers.

    Intel® ME

    Intel® Management Engine; firmware that provides management features for Intel vPro clients.

    Intel® MEBX

    Intel® Management Engine BIOS Extension; a user interface for configuring the Intel Management Engine.

    Intel® Remote PC Assist

    Allows OEMs, managed service providers (MSP) and IT Outsourcers to connect with end user systems over the public internet and remotely manage enabled systems regardless of system state.

    Intel® vPro™ Processor Technology

    Intel processor technology that provides a higher level of security and management to desktop computers.


    Independent Software Vendor


    Local Management Service driver.  Provides an interface enabling local management software agents to communicate with the Intel Management Engine using the same high-level protocols as those used for remote management (e.g. XML, SOAP).


    Mutual TLS (Transport Layer Security). Both the server and the client are authenticated in this variation of the TLS security encryption scheme. Normally in TLS, only the server is authenticated. Requires client-side certificate in addition to the server-side certificate.

    See also: TLS

    Network Filters

    System defense filters; monitor incoming and outgoing IP packets for suspicious behavior.


    Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Notation used to designate the PC manufacturer.

    One-Touch Provisioning

    A provisioning process in which the administrator only needs to perform actions on each client system one time (i.e., “touch” each client system only once).

    See also: Provisioning


    Out Of Band. Refers to system management actions performed when the managed system’s operating system (OS) is not running or when the system is powered down.


    Provisioning ID.  First portion of security key used in setup and configuration of Intel vPro machines.


    Public Key Infrastructure

    PKI CH

    Public Key Infrastructure – Certification Hash

    Platform Inventory

    Identifies each machine using a unique UUID


    Provisioning Pass phrase.  Pre-shared key used in the setup and configuration of Intel vPro machines.


    Installing and/or configuring the requisite firmware, software, and authentication components on a managed client to make it ready to be managed.


    Pre-shared key

    Remote Configuration

    Configures Intel vPro clients with SSL certificates without having to touch the client system (assuming the client has been set up by the OEM for remote configuration).

    Remote Diagnostics and Repair

    Use Serial Over LAN (SOL) and IDE Redirection (IDER) to remotely reboot and debug the Intel vPro client.

    Remote Power Control

    Securely and remotely power on and power off an Intel vPro client.

    SMB Mode

    Small (and Medium) Business model used for provisioning an Intel vPro machine.

    Software Inventory

    Inventory of all software installed on the Intel vPro client.


    Serial Over LAN


    Transport Layer Security. An encryption and authentication scheme in which the server presents a server-side certificate for authentication by the client.

    See also: MTLS (Mutual TLS)

    Zero-Touch Provisioning

    A provisioning process in which the administrator does not need to perform any installation or configuration actions directly at the client system (i.e., all provisioning actions are performed remotely from the management console).

    See also: Provisioning