How to sound like a Parallel Programming Expert:  Part 2: parallel hardware

Version 1

    For the non-engineer, the IT Manager, the Sales person who needs to understand the lingo of parallelism.


    Mastering the art of parallel programming is difficult. In the past, parallel programming experts were only needed for high-end


    supercomputingi . Today, however, the entire software industry needs to make a wholesale shift to parallel programming. While becoming a parallel programming expert is difficult and takes years of hard work, most people only need to understand the issues behind parallelism at a high level. For most people, all they need is to know how to "talk like a parallel programming expert".


    That is the goal of this series of brief papers. We will provide the information you need to correctly use and understand the jargon that has sprung up around parallel computing. We will do this in four parts

    1. Part 1: introduction plus the difference between concurrency and parallelism
    2. Part 2: Parallel hardware
    3. Part 3: Issues in parallel programming
    4. Part 4: Parallel programming made easy