Customer Prep Checklist for Intel vPro Activation with HP Out of Band Management

Version 2

    Customer Preparation Checklist for Intel(R) vPro(TM) Activation with HP Out of Band Manager

    Use this checklist to start gathering the information required for deploying the technology in your enterprise.



    Also, Quick Start vPro Activation Guide for HP OOBM: This document provides the high level steps required to activate desktop and notebook PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology for use with HP OOBM management software. It does not provide step-by-step procedures for completing those high level steps, but instead provides links to more detailed information where such step-by-step procedures may be found.




    Customer Contact Information







    City, St Zip





    Intel Contact Information

    BDM / EAM



    Cell Phone




    Cell Phone




    Intel Technical Resources Assigned (after approval)

    Project Lead


    Technical Lead


    Use Case Scenarios

    It is important to identify early in the activation of vPro technology the most relevant use case scenarios. Please prioritize the list below if more than one.

    Prioritize using  the numbers 1-7

    Software used for  this function

    Remote  Asset Inventory

    Hardware & Software Inventory

    Remote Diagnostics and Repair

    Remote power on and update
    Off-hours Software Update and Patch Management

    Agent Presence Checking

    Hardware based network isolation and recovery

    Other (please explain)



    Current Inventory of  vPro™ Systems

    How many vPro desktops do you plan to have deployed in the next 12 months?

    At what rate are you deploying? (e.g. 100/week)

    How many vPro desktops are on hand, ready to be “activated”?

    How many are already on customer desks?

    How many are in a staging area? Specify where (reseller, customer, etc)

    Are those vPro desktops that have been placed into service in one location or multiple locations?  (number of primary sites)

    Which hardware manufacturer produced the vPro desktops?

    Make, model, etc. of systems

    AMT version:

    FW (BIOS) version:

    How many vPro notebooks do you plan to have deployed in the next 12 months?

    At what rate are you deploying? (e.g. 100/week)

    How many vPro notebooks are on hand, ready to be  “activated”?

    How many are already on customer desks?

    How many are in a staging area? Specify where (reseller,  customer, etc)

    Are those vPro notebooks that have been placed into  service in one location or multiple locations? (number of primary sites)

    Which hardware manufacturer produced the vPro notebooks?

    Make, model, etc. of systems

    AMT version:

    FW (BIOS) version:

    Are your vPro systems procured directly from the OEM, or through a VAR?

    Are your vPro systems shipped directly to a user at a deployment site, or sent to a central location first?



    HP Client Automation and/or Out of Band Manager

    Are you upgrading from existing HP Client Automation, Radia, or Out of Band Manager?

    If yes, what version is installed at the client\customer?

    Was the Intel Setup & Configuration Service installed?

    If yes, what version?

    If yes, was this service installed on a virtual machine (i.e. VMWare)?

    If yes, how many vPro systems have been provisioned with SCS?



    Client OS Deployment

    Which Operating System (OS) do you plan to deploy with your new vPro™ desktop and/or notebook systems?

    Service Pack Level?

    What is the complete server OS that will be used for ISV console/provisioning?

    Are your clients configured with DHCP or Static IP addresses?

    Will all vPro clients be a member of your Domain (no workgroup only systems)?

    Are there any provisioning/image management tasks performed on the systems before they arrive on site?

    Does your client imaging process allow for additional steps past the initial  imaging?

    Do you use an IT outsourcer (ITO)?

    If yes, which ITO?


    Application Security  and Authentication Methodology



    Do you currently use encrypted communication in your network?

    Do you have any issues with the firewall settings or opening certain ports on  your routers and clients for communications? (Ports 16992 – 16995, 9971,  56666)

    Do you use an Enterprise Certificate Authority in your company?  (consult with your PKI team)

    If yes, which one? (e.g. Microsoft Enterprise CA)

    If not, are there plans to implement a PKI solution in the future?  If so, when?

    What  size is your certificate key (1024, 2048, 4096-bit)? For you Root and any subordinate CAs?

    Are their security policies that permit you from using a digital certificates from commercial CA's (VeriSign, GoDaddy, Comodo, etc)?

    If not, what commercial CA do you use and can you use others not used today?

    Would you have any problems creating a separate OU in each domain for AMT objects  to be stored?

    Do you have a multi-tiered AD Forest or multiple Domains?

    Do you use hard disk drive encryption software? Vendor/version?

    Do you implement either a BIOS or Hard Disk password (power on)?


    Network Topology

    Do you currently support any of the following in your managed network today:

    NAT (network address translation)

    NAC (network access control)

    NAP (network access point)

    802.1x authentication / encryption

    If yes (for 802.1x), is it a requirement for the LAN or WLAN

    Do you want vPro to work across VPN?

    For vPro notebooks – which wireless access points are used in your network infrastructure?  (please list brand and model)

    When do you plan to support 802.11n?

    What is your wireless protocol?



    Domain Name Services  (DNS) & DHCP

    Does your domain end with .com/.net or others - please provide details for domain?

    Do you have multiple network domains (i.e. and  Please list.

    If multiple domains exist, how many will have vPro systems?

    Is your Domain name registered and owned by your company (e.g. as listed in WHOIS)

    Do you have a mixed client environment (Windows & Unix/Linux) that requires  Secure DNS registration?

    Can you configure your DNS to include a static entry for the Provisioning Server?

    Is your DHCP server allowed to insert “A” or “PTR” records in DNS on the  clients’ behalf?

    Does your DHCP server support Option 15 (Insert DNS suffix) when providing a  client IP address?

    What is the current Option 15 setting in your DHCP server?

    What type of DNS/DHCP technology do you have (Microsoft, Bind or some other  flavor)?

    Are clients managed by one DHCP or multiple DHCP servers with different scopes?


    Return on Investment



    Would you be willing to collaborate with Intel to determine the cost savings and/or  productivity gains realized by the following vPro features?
    Sample ROI questions are included at the end of this document.

    Reduced Power  costs by turning off systems after hours and performing reliable power on and  software updates, patches, or inventory scans

    Improved  productivity by performing remote diagnostics and repair (reduced desk side  visits).

    Cost savings realized by having an accurate hardware and/or software inventory

    Improve the security and monitoring of agent software, e.g. virus protection agent, on the client systems

    Enhance the network security to isolate the network access on the individual system through client hardware control

    Improve the accuracy of asset management

    Other (please specify)




    Key Customer Contacts

    It is imperative that all key contacts, listed below, attend both the Workshop and Activation events. It is recommended that the Activations team postpone these meetings if it is apparent that full attendance will not be achieved.




    Customer Contacts


    Phone  #


    Client Operations Support

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Network Infrastructure (DNS, DHCP, Wireless, etc)

    Security Infrastructure

    Executive  Sponsor
    Senior IT Manager (Title)

    Systems Management Infrastructure

    Directory Infrastructure


    Ecosystem Technical Contacts


    Phone  #


    Management Console Software Vendor (ISV)

    OEM/Computer Mfg.

    IT Service Provider
    (if applicable)

    Computer Reseller
    (if applicable)




    Inventory of vPro™ systems

    Used to determine whether the customer has enough vPro systems in a location that allows adequate provisioning and then testing.  If the customer has already sent the equipment to multiple sites without the correct provisioning, a deskside visit will be required to fully enable. (Activation Program minimum is 100 or more PCs into customer production environment.)


    Management Console

    Determine if the customer has the correct software version and sufficient licenses in place to cover the Activation Program deployment.


    OS Deployment

    Ensure customer is deploying an operating systems that is supported


    Authentication Methodology

    Since vPro™ systems take advantage of encrypted management traffic, we want to determine the customer’s security requirements and which Certificate of Authority (CA) they use.


    Use Case Scenarios

    We’d like to know which use cases they plan on deploying so we can gauge the amount of time required for the support plan.  This is not a wish list, but a reality check.  If possible, please prioritize the use cases, 1 being most important.


    Network Topologies

    There are certain topologies that vPro™ technology does not currently support.  These questions determine if the customer already supports these fairly new topologies



    If the customer uses an IT Outsourcer, we like to know who they are.  They’ll likely list some of their names in the contacts section if they use an ITO.  They may need to be involved in activation if they provide PC support services.



    For a successful activation, we will need to talk to various people in their organization.  It’s important to understand that various parts of the IT infrastructure will be touched depending on what type of integration is requested. We also want to capture the ISV and OEM Technical contacts too. Computer Reseller technical contact only needed if they provide software image/preload or installation services.