Intel vs. RISC -- "The Complete Story"

Version 3


    During tough economic times we all come under increased pressure to try and ‘do more’ with a smaller budget. This is certainly true of the current IT Spending environment. New IT investments must deliver a positive ROI, and the investment must help reduce costs or improve business productivity and competitiveness. There is a way to continue investment in IT within a constrained or reduced IT spending environment. Moving from proprietary expensive server architectures to industry standard architectures will reduce your capital investment required and deliver a sustained lower total cost of ownership for your solution over the lifecycle of that investment. We hope that the following sections will help you justify that IT investment and change, compare products, understand the business benefits that can be realized by moving from proprietary architectures and highlight organizations that are offering services to assist in moving your solution to industry standard servers.




    Moving from RISC based infrastructure will lower Total Cost of Ownership



    Compare the performance of Intel products vs. SPARC and POWER



    XEON energy efficiency vs. SPARC



    Customers today are moving from RISC to Intel



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