Ready Steady Go! Smackover & Core I7 920 scored 1584!!! Who's Next?

Version 2

    To all the High End Users,


    I decided to create a post on Benchmarking results.


    If you want to add something to my post, or post something similar using your system, feel free to do so.


    Any benchmarking from the list is most welcome whether it is for your CoreI7 CPU with your particular board, your extreme desktop board with your particular CPU, server workstation board.



    Note: Boards and CPU can be from any manufacturers, even NON-Intel

          Dont overclock CPU ,memory and any other board features

          Use the same tool that i have used below for ease of comparison.

          You can take all the screenshot and copy all the results in a Microsoft word document.

          Make sure to state which CPU, Board and capacity/type of memory that you are using


    Tools to download:

    CPU Z:



    Screenshot of the CPU-Z






    Screenshot after running the tests using the Performance Test:


    PassMark Rating


    CPU Mark


    See the attached PDF file for the Benchmarking Result.


    If you are interested, make sure to reply with the link of your document created below and with the score.


    All the best,