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Getting Started with Intel vPro Technology

Understanding Intel® vPro™ technology and its benefits


What is Intel vPro Technology?


ROI Analysis - Realizing The Cost Saving Benefits of Activating Intel vPro Technology


Intel® vPro™ Technology Use Cases: Ways to use Intel vPro Technology in your environment


Purchasing Intel vPro Technology


Order an Intel® vPro™ Technology "Activation-Ready" PC or WS

You may have PCs with Intel vPro technology already!

The Intel® AMT Scan tool can scan your network and tell you which systems in your Enterprise have Intel vPro technology. Download the tool and learn more.

Are you a small business?  You too can take advantage of Intel vPro technology

  • Thinking about hiring someone to manage your IT assets? PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology, combined with services from your Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide big-business IT on a small-business budget, including comprehensive PC maintenance and support, 24/7 security and remote management, and the potential for significant cost savings for your business.Learn more and find an MSP in your area
  • Not ready for professional IT services? Intel® IT Director is a simple application that uses Intel® vPro™ technology to help address key IT security, data protection and network health concerns of small businesses. Download the tool and learn more

Activating Intel vPro Technology

The Basics:

Understanding Provisioning Models - Basic, Standard, & Advanced


Activation Cheat Sheet


Simplifying the Intel vPro Provisioning process


Known Issues, Best Practices, and Workarounds


Tools and Utilities for Intel® vPro™ Technology


User Docs and Training for Intel vPro Technology


Management Console Info:

Information for Managed Service Providers:

SMB Activation Cheat Sheet for MSPs


More Specific Info:

Various OEM AMT 2.6 Configurations for Intel vPro Systems


You’ve got your PRO laptop or desktop…, ready, set, go..  but wait.  Do you have to flash the BIOS or ME Firmware?


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