Intel® RPAT: Events & News, Known Issues, Best Practices, and Workarounds

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    Events & News


    Product Discontinuation Notice:

    Due to market response, Intel Corporation ("Intel") has decided to discontinue Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology (Intel® RPAT). As a consequence, Intel® Remote PC Assist Service and associated marketing activities will wind down and eventually cease in October, 2010.

    Intel remains committed to the needs of its customers; as we move forward, we will use this site to share with you alternate technologies that harness the out-of-band communication capability of Intel® vPro™ technology and extend the performance, value and capabilities of Intel® Architecture.

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    Events you can see Intel(R) RPAT in person




    Intel RPAT in the News



    Latest Documents

    The the latest documents on Intel Upgrade Service, see attachment below with the following names to download:

              Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology End User Solution Brief.pdf


              Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology ISV Solution Brief.pdf




    Best Practices


    Signing up for Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology


    How do I sign up for Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology?


    Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology would be part of a service offering provided by an OEM, Managed Service Provider (MSP), or at the Retail Point of Sale.  As an end-user, one could sign up for the service at the time of purchasing a PC or at anytime later.  In addition, you could request support only when needed by activating a set of keys on your computer.  Please refer to the documentation provided by your PC manufacturer on how to initiate a service request.


    What are the minimum system requirements


    What are the minimum system requirements for Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology (Intel® RPAT)


    Intel® Core™2 processor with Intel® vPro™ technology-based platform with Intel® Q45 Chipset.



    Managed Service Provider (MSP)


    What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?


    Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Management Service Provider is an organization that manages a customer's computer system and network which are either located on the customer's premises or at a third-party datacenter. MSPs offer a variety of service levels from just notifying the customer if a problem occurs to making all necessary repairs itself. MSPs may also be a source for hardware and staff for its customers.



    Best Known Methods (BKMs)

    Encryption and Security of Connection with Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology


    Is my connection with my service provider secure?


    Yes! Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology uses industry standard cryptographic protocols.

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to provide secure communications on the internet and establish a secure connection between the end user and the service provider.