Syntax for manually creating the SCS Database

Version 1

    I want to share some helpful information that I gathered when I ran into some problems attempting to create the SCS database prior to actually running the SCS installation package when I followed the instructions and examples provided in the Intel® Active Management Technology Setup and Configuration Service Version 5.1 Installation Guide Date: March 10, 2009 section 8, Creating the SCS Database and the accompanying


    1.       The first issue is that you might misinterpret that creating the database prior to installing the SCS Service (AMTConfServer.exe) is a required step.  It is not, it is optional if you want to create the database prior to starting the SCS service installation.  For example if you need more control over who can install database you would use the database.exe that is included in the 


    2.       If you do want to create the database ahead of the SCS server installation the syntax that is outlined in the Installation guide and the database.exe examples is incorrect when that database will be on a server with only one MS SQL database server installed. The correct syntax is:

    a.       database.exe -dbsvr=localhost -dbname=IntelAMT -cmd=BuildSCSdb


    b.      database.exe -dbsvr=<serve name> -dbname=IntelAMT -cmd=BuildSCSdb


    3.       If you want to add a domain user to that newly created database the correct syntax to use is:

    a.       database.exe -dbsvr=localhost -dbname=IntelAMT -cmd=AddSCSLogin -scsuser=domain\userid -trusted_conn=true


    b.      database.exe -dbsvr=<server name> -dbname=IntelAMT -cmd=AddSCSLogin -scsuser=domain\userid -trusted_conn=true


    The Intel SCS development team is aware of the issue and accordingly, this information is pending inclusion in future releases of the documentation.