RCFG Certificate Installation Issue when Configuring with SCS 5.0

Version 3

    If you find your remote configuration process is “stuck” InProgress and the platform is listed as “Not Configured” it may be the way the Remote Configuration Certificate was imported into the SCS service account personal store.

    Page 140 of the Intel® Active Management Technology Setup and Configuration Service Version 5.0 Console User’s Guide, Document Release Date: July 9, 2008 outlines the steps for installing a Remote Configuration Certificate used to remotely configure Intel® vPro™ systems using one of the various certificates stored in the Intel AMT firmware.

    Under the section Selecting the Certificate Used by the SCS for Remote Configuration” a note should have been included in Section 2, after the step “Type the path and file name of the certificate to be imported or click Browse and navigate to the file.” You must ensure that the check box for the “Enable strong private key protection… “ is CLEARED before clicking next to move to the step: “Select Place all certificates in the following store. The Personal certificate store should already be selected. Click Next and Finish.” If it is selected remote provisioning will not be able to complete.