Intel at Symantec ManageFusion 2009 Conference in Las Vegas (March 10-12)

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    Intel was a premier sponsor of ManageFusion 09 in Las Vegas from March 10 - 12, 2009 and we talked about the combination of Symantec management products with Intel vPro technology.





    On May 10th, Intel Vice-President Gregory Bryant was part of the opening ManageFusion keynote led by Symantec's Steve Morton.


    Gregory talked about how customers are realizing value today with Intel vPro technology and getting a return on investment that pays for itself in less than one year.  He also talked about new Intel vPro technology product developments with Altiris Client Management Suite Version 7 and Symantec Workspace Streaming. View the highlights or the keynote below.




    To learn more about the power savings and break-fix savings that come from Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite Version 7 and Intel vPro technology, please view this video with Intel Product Manager Tracie Zenti and Symantec Strategic Alliance Director Kevin Unbedacht or read this news article from the show.








    Symantec also featured Intel's Tom Quillin, our Intel vPro Technology Ecosystem Director, in an industry roundtable that addressed how IT is used in an economic downturn. Tom addressed how the combination of Symantec software and Intel vPro Technology can help organizations during this downturn.





    One of the new features in Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite Version 7 is support for Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology's "Fast Call for Help."  The video below by Symantec's Senior Technical Manager Lee Bender is a demonstration of how an end-user would connect back to the Altiris Client Management Suite for remote diagnosis and repair of his notebook even though he connect boot into Windows and is outside of the corporate firewall.






    In the opening keynote, Intel Vice-President Gregory Bryant talked about joint efforts between Symantec and Intel around product offerings that help with centralizing management of applications and licensees, while still enabling end-users to have a responsive experience with rich-client desktop PCs and notebook PCs. The below demonstration by Symantec's Brian Duckering illustrates how Intel and Symantec are bringing these benefits to customers with Symantec Workspace Streaming and Intel vPro technology.





    While at ManageFusion, we had a chance to talk to IT executives and managers from Disney International, Fox Interactive Media, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield and McCormick Spice Company and industry analysts from IDC, Enterprise Management Associates and Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC about Intel vPro technology and industry trends.  In the video below, they discuss the impact of Intel vPro technology on power consumption reduction and energy cost reduction.



    In these economic times, we had a chance to talk to the above IT executives and managers and industry analysts about their total cost of ownership strategies using PC Refresh and Intel vPro technology. Listen to the video below to learn more.




    For the above IT executives and managers, security is always top of mind.  Listen to the video below to see how these companies are using Intel vPro technology to help address enterprise security.



    Also, we had a chance to talk to the above IT executives and managers and with Symantec's Lee Bender about their perspective on how the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite with Intel vPro technology work best together. Listen to the video below to learn more.



    At the show, there were several demonstrations of value-added integrators that have been built on top of Intel vPro technology and the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite. One of these integrators is Incendio Technology.  While at the show, we had a chance to talk with Mike Dunham, Executive Director of Product Management for Incendio Technology. In the video below, he talks about the Incendio vMinder Portal, which allows IT profrossional to utilize the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite without needing console access. From the Incendio vMinder Portal, the IT professional can access Intel vPro technology features such as reliable remote power control that are part of the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite.


    Another integrator is NetX. While at the show, we had a chance to talk with Antwune Gray, a Director at NetX. In the video below, he talks about how the NetX Appliance discovers which PCs in your business environment have Intel vPro technology, as well as the version and setup status of Intel vPro technology.




    While at ManageFusion, we had a chance to ask Symantec and Symantec's partners how they are growing their business around Intel vPro Technology. To hear more, watch the video below.






    At events like ManageFusion, we like to ask fun questions around Intel vPro Technology.  This year, we asked attendees at the show who were familiar with Intel vPro Technology what Rock Star or style of music Intel vPro Technology could be ... To hear their answers, click on the video below.



    A hobby of many IT professionals is playing video games ... so we also asked the question: "What Video Game Would Intel vPro Technology Be?" Check out the video below to hear the answers.


    Summary of Intel's Presence in Keynote, Breakout, Lab sessions





    Opening Keynote:



    Intel Sessions


    • Stump the Intel vPro Technology Experts
      • Post event report: A number of great and challenging questions were brought forward.  The panelists included the lead Altiris support engineer, lead consultant from Be Intuitive, lead consultant from System Source, and Terry Cutler (Intel vPro expert for Altiris).  The following were a few great questions and answers for all to see
        • Question: How automated Intel vPro configuration without user interaction?
          • Answer: The lab document below and resource link provides a lot of insight.  Using remote configuration, Altiris agent with software delivery, and ensuring the environment is ready to handle configuration of Intel vPro will automate the process.  Customers have reported configuring several 100 Intel vPro systems in a single day
        • Question: How do you handle a multiple Notification Server environment?
        • Question: How does full disk encryption affect the out-of-band management features?
          • Answer: Security and manageability are often an inverse to one another.  Perhaps a different way to ask the question is how do you handle client management with system which have full disk encryption today?  Also - many disk encryption solutions have a remote unlock capability which is handled via a script, group policy object, or other mechanism to temporarily disable or autologon at the pre-boot authentication (PBA).  Case in point - Symantec EndPoint Encryption autologon feature.  (more information is forthcoming on this excellent question)
        • Question: How do you connect to a client that is outside the corporate environment?  Is Out-of-band management over a VPN or across the public internet possible?  What is the VPN client needs to be updated?
          • Answer:  Yes - with the latest generation Intel vPro and Altiris Client Management Suite v7, Fast-Call-for-Help is available.  This was demonstrated during the event.  As to updating the VPN software of a remote client - the technical capability exists to connect to and distribute software out-of-band, yet no production solutions have this integrated capability today.  To give you a hint at what I'm referring to, see the article and video OOB GUI Access using SoL and IDE Redirection.
        • Question: Does Intel vPro have support over a wireless connection?
          • Answer: Yes - within the configuration profile are option to support out-of-band management over wireless.  The focus wireless environment is 802.11 b/g/n based with WPA or WPA2 level of security.  802.1x port authentication can also be configured in the profile.  The power state of the remote client is dependent upon supporting out-of-band management features.  For example, a client that is off will not have wireless connectivity, else the battery would be drained.  However, an Intel vPro client that experiences an operating system failure and has wireless configured in the Intel vPro configuration profile for the client can be managed by the Altiris Client Management Suite.
    • Lab: Intel vPro technology - Find IT, Configure IT, and use IT
      • Post event report: There were only 33 seats, but we had 47 attendees.  The lead Altiris Trainer and a NetX associate helped out during the lab (THANK YOU!), and we stepped through how to find, configure, and use Intel vPro technology in an Altiris CMS environment. PDF of lab materials posted below (see bottom of this article).  Index of information available at





    • Intel booth demonstrations
      • Post event report: Live and recorded demonstrations were provided.  We are working on posting the recorded demonstrations.  Here's what was shown:
        • Fast Call for Help - A new capability to manage clients outside of the firewall out-of-band


        • NetX Appliance to quickly discover, configure, and use Intel vPro Technology


        • Altiris version 6 - Combination of in-band and out-of-band demonstrations


        • Altiris version 7 - Combination of in-band and out-of-band demonstrations

        • Symantec Workspace - previously called SVS Pro, demonstration application virtualization and streaming.