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    Intel® vPro Activator on LiveCD


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    Intel® vPro™ Activator on LiveCD is a self-contained Linux environment with Intel vPro activation software, which can fit on a USB key thumb drive. It allows you to activate your Intel vPro clients without configuring a DNS alias for a provisioning server or using the Bare-Metal Configuration option in Intel AMT (which some OEMs turn off). See Quick Usage Instructions below.



    File size:

    92.5 MB

    Est. download time:

    45 sec. under LAN conditions






    • a USB thumb drive with ~95 MB free space
    • R/W CD


      • no specific software requirements


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      Quick Usage Instructions

      1. Download the Activator LiveCD and unzip it.
      2. Burn the image to a USB-Key using the Fedora Live Creator. Use the "Browse" button to select the iso image.
      3. lveCD.JPG

      4. Plug-in the USB-Key into an Intel vPro platform and reboot it. The system will boot from the USB-Key and you should see the following screen. NOTE: On some systems you may need to change the Boot order. Or alternatively burn the ISO image to a CD-ROM and boot from the CD.
      5. activator.JPG

      6. Now if you have an un-provisioned system that is connected to a provisioning server. the vPro activation SW, will initiate vPro activation and will report the configuration state: until vPro is finally configured by the configuration service.
      7. provisioning.JPG

      NOTE: You can also execute standard Ubuntu 8.10 Linux commands from the booted Linux system on the USB drive.