IRST - Changing volume type from recovery to 2-disk RAID 1

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    I added a second larger SSD to a Dell Latitude E7240 running 8.1. On reboot this was detected by Intel RST v Not realising that it would use all space on new SSD, I created a recovery volume. According to the IRST help file, I should be able to change the volume type back from recovery to 2-disk RAID 1 and then to 2-disk RAID 0. However although I have admin rights, the change volume type options do not appear to be available. See screen grabs below:  I have searched Intel and Dell online help resources without luck. Can you please let me know how I can do this or make the second SSD available for data.








    System Information
    OS name:  Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
    OS version:  6.3.9600  9200
    System name:  JHL04
    System manufacturer:  Dell Inc.
    System model:  Latitude E7240
    Processor:  GenuineIntel Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1 2.301  GHz
    BIOS:  Dell Inc., A10

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