Intel(r) AMT Remote Certificate Selection White Paper now available

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    Now Available:  Intel® AMT Remote Configuration Certificate White Paper, “Remote Configuration Certificate Selection.”  This document is intended to help IT managers planning to implement Intel® AMT remote configuration with security in their environments select the right security certificate.  Below is an excerpt from the document:


    Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), a feature of Intel® vPro™ technology, offers a wide range of built-in platform capabilities and plug-ins for management and security applications to allow IT to better discover, heal, and protect their networked computing assets.  In order to take advantage of these capabilities, a client Intel® AMT computer must first be setup and configured to work in the enterprise network. This is commonly referred to as “being provisioned.”

    There are different methods that can be used to provision a client system. Most provisioning methods require physical interaction with the client system.  However, remote configuration is a provisioning option that allows a client system to be provisioned with zero physical interaction.  Remote configuration is ideal for systems that have already been deployed into an environment—but have not yet been provisioned—allowing IT to provision systems without visiting each system individually.

    To use remote configuration for provisioning a system, a special remote configuration (RCFG) certificate is needed.  Section I of this white paper gives a high level explanation about the remote configuration certificate.  Section II of the paper goes into more detail on what is required in using the RCFG certificate.    Section III explains the different types of RCFG certificates; shows examples of how the different certificate types would work in an environment; and helps determine which RCFG certificate type works in your network environment.

    A remote configuration certificate is used specifically to establish secure and authenticated communication between a provisioning server and an Intel® AMT client computer to be provisioned.

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