Intel IS HPC in more ways than you think!

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    Intel is HPC in more ways than you think!

    22 April 2015

    By Chelsea Janes, Intel

    Intel Health & Life Sciences

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    When you think of Intel, what comes to mind?  If you’re a high school or college student, you may think of the latest, most visually appealing and popular brand of a PC in the market to buy and have for school projects, social media, picture editing, storage, creative design and data sharing.  If you’re an engineer you may think processors or chips, architecture design, supercomputers, etc.  If you’re a manager or IT manager at a partner business, you may think servers, revenue, total cost of ownership, performance. 


    When you think of Intel in High Performance Computing, what comes to mind? 


    For decades, Intel has been in the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry.  Today, no matter who you are or what you do, when you think of Intel, a piece of what should come to mind should be, ‘How does Intel change our world today?”


    Do a search for ‘HPC, Intel’ and you will find articles, whitepapers, websites, programs and videos of how we have custom built systems and solutions for our partner companies to enhance their HPC server business that in turn enhances the lives for both the end user and those they impact through their work. 

    Intel has a dedicated organization for building motherboards and systems technologies that provide solutions for HPC.  This organization is call the Product Collaboration & Systems Division (PCSD).  Globally, PCSD is working around the clock to build and launch new solutions for HPC.

    PCSD’s vision is to further enhance the value proposition of applying HPC methods to the myriad challenges end-users have in developing or enhancing their own products through showcasing the value proposition of the synergies of various Intel ingredients in the simplest means possible through a healthy and diverse channel environment.

    The HPC market segment focus Intel pours efforts into today are diverse, broad and life changing.  PCSD’s verticals of focus are Health and Life Sciences (Genomics, BIO sequencing), Manufacturing (car crash test, airplane and car noise testing), and Oil and Gas (energy).  Other opportunistic verticals are everything in the categories of financial services (economics) and digital content creation (DCC) (the “movies”).

    With nearly 90% of the HPC CPU volume being addressable by most of our channel customers and with the channel customers already servicing nearly 30% of that volume, PCSD is distinctively positioned to accomplish its primary goal in HPC.  While PCSD’s boards products are simply an ingredient to the system, there is value to systematically integrating Intel’s PCSD HPC ingredients to develop a total solution. Sometimes it starts at the core of technology to line up to making a difference in people’s lives. 

    According to IDC’s Q4’14 QView, Intel has achieved better than 92% MSS in HPC CPU volume.  The channel has grown to carrying 28% of Intel® Xeon™ to market, as compared to 15% in Q4’12.  The overall market segment grew by 11.6% in sockets; Intel® Xeon™ sockets grew by 15.7%. In 2014, 73% of the sockets were sold in procurements at $500K or less.

    Based on Intel architecture, Intel is able to make a difference in all of those market segments, and in general in people’s lives. Based on Intel architecture, on the versatile Intel® Xeon™ processor family, Intel’s PCSD HPC goal is about making it easier for its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to deploy HPC solutions.  Intel’s PCSD goal is to drive ever greater value to the end users through thoughtful, synergistic integration of Intel’s HPC ingredients into a fully configured simple-to-deploy systems solutions.

    So the next time you think of Intel and HPC, think of how Intel is developing technologies and system solutions for its customers that change the face of HPC in business and in turn, in people’s lives.

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