Intel® vPro™ Technology Common-Use Guide For N-Central® version 6.7 by N-able Technologies

Version 1

    This guide details the step-by-step instructions on implementing Intel vPro Technology Use-cases within N-central version 6.7 by N-able Technologies.


    Table of Contents


    Use Case 1: Improved Device Discovery and Intel vPro Technology Status

    1.1: Initial and Ongoing Client System Enumeration

    1.2: Initial and Ongoing System Analysis

    1.3: Alerts for Computers That Are Down or Missing from the Network


    Use Case 2: Optimization of Ongoing Maintenance & Management

    2.1: Automated Mass Power On/Off

    2.2: Routine Maintenance of Desktop and Mobile Devices: Install Patches / Software after Hours

    2.3: BIOS Update


    Use Case 3: Remote Diagnosis and Repair of Client Systems

    3.1: Use N-able Remote Control Connector to Troubleshoot a Help-Desk Problem

    3.2: Remotely Diagnose a Problem Before an Onsite Visit

    3.3: Defending Systems under Attack with Hardware-based Isolation