Intel® Galileo – Recovery Mode

Version 1

    With this process you will be able to recover an unbootable Galileo board if the firmware is corrupted. This process has been tested successfully with a Galileo Gen2 board.


    What do you need to perform this process?


    You will need only one file: FVMAIN.fv. Additionally you will need a USB flash drive to store the file. The FVMAIN.fv file is attached at the end of this guide.


    Process description


    Please follow the steps below to perform this process.


    1. Download the file FVMAIN.fv and copy it into the root of the USB flash drive.

    2. While the Galileo board is unpowered, plug the USB flash drive into the USB Host port.

    3. Connect the serial cable between the computer and the Galileo board. You can use PuTTY or similar software to access the Linux Terminal.

    4. Ground the FWR little square on the Galileo board. See the picture below.


    5. Power on the board. You have to make sure the FWR contact is grounded when you power the board on and keep it grounded during the next step too. The file will be detected automatically and you will see a display like this:


    6. Select the appropriate board from the menu showed. For this case select “GalileoGen2”. If you see two options like in the picture above select the option “6”. At this point you will see a display like this:


    7. Remove the ground connection from the FWR contact now and press “R” to start the force recovery process. The process will take some minutes to finish. Don’t interrupt it because the board could be damaged permanently. After the process finishes the board will boot as normally.



    Once the process has been completed the firmware version will be recovered to the 1.0.1 version. This is an older version so you should update it to the latest version which is the 1.0.4. You can update the firmware version using the Arduino IDE 1.5.3 for Galileo. Please refer to the following guide for further details about how to update the firmware using the Arduino IDE: Intel® Galileo – Update Firmware