Intel® Galileo – Update Firmware

Version 1

    In order to get the latest features of Galileo it’s highly recommended that you update the firmware. The firmware update can be performed using the Arduino IDE 1.5.3 for Galileo.


    Note: You shouldn’t have the microSD card inserted when you will update the firmware, so if you have it inserted you will need to power off the board and remove the microSD card before updating the firmware.


    What do you need to perform this process?


    You will need the Arduino IDE 1.5.3 for Galileo. It can be downloaded from here: Intel® Galileo Boards and Kits — Software Downloads


    Process description


    Please follow the steps below to perform this process.


    1. Download the Arduino IDE 1.5.3.

    2. Power on the Galileo board.

    3. Connect the board to the computer through the USB client port.

    4. Open the Arduino IDE 1.5.3.

    5. In the Arduino IDE, go to Tools>Board and select “Intel® Galileo” or “Intel® Galileo Gen2” according to the board you have.


    6. Select the COM port which the board is connected to. Go to Tools>Serial Port.

    7. Once you have selected the board and the COM port, go to Help>Galileo Firmware Update. This will start the firmware update process. It will take some minutes to finish. Don’t interrupt the process because the board could be damaged.



    The latest firmware version is 1.0.4. After the process has been completed the firmware will be updated to this version.