Eddie - Edison based R/C Balancing Robot

Version 2

    So it seems like a neat idea to post some information here about my Eddie the Balance Bot design. I've been working on him since SparkFun Electronics released their Edison Blocks and he has already met my expectations. I'm still actively developing his code and improvements like Bluetooth control and improved PID response are on the way. As is I take him everywhere I go and enjoy getting to drive him around and show off his capabilities.


    The 3D files have been published on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:694969


    With source code available on r3n33/EddieBalance · GitHub


    This is my first open-sourced release and I've received some amazing feedback from web blogs, the folks at SparkFun, and those people who put up with me always showing them something new =) Since my lil guy is Edison based this seemed like a good place to post up some links and possibly start a discussion.


    Thanks for checking him out!