PHYSICAL VIDEOGAME - How to build a physical videogame with Intel Galileo

Version 1

    The project "Physical Videogame" is realized under the supervision of Carlo Maria Medaglia and Massimiliano Dibitonto, within the Digital Administration and Social Innovation Center (Dasic Lab), Link Campus University.

    Below a very simple tutorial to recreate one of the many car videogames of the past (like Death Race, Pole Position, Formula One) using the Intel Galileo Board (first generation).The user can play moving own avatar around barriers positioned along the path. The avatar is moved through a servo motor 0-180° oriented by a potentiometer knob. Videogame background scroll on a reel, activated by a continuous rotation servo motor. When the avatar crashes one barrier, the system reveals the clash thanks by magnetic sensor arranged under barriers, so it stops the game. This project has also been selected and showcased in the Intel booth at the Maker Faire Rome 2014.