Smart OLED Lamp  #MakeItProChallenge

Version 1

    Hi all,


    Tomorrow at the evening or on Wednesday early morning I will insert a link to video demo of my prototype. Still I'm working on hardware and software integration of my prototype. For my prototype I'm using Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Kit and Iot Analytics Dashboard. On the attached photo you can see the kit and oled panel.


    At the end I post the description of my idea:


    My idea is a Smart OLED Lamp for the elderly people. The device will be dedicated also for people with some diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer. A  lot of older people also affected by Parkinson disease have problems with the sleep during the night. Very often they want to keep switched on lighting (lamp). It is uncomfortable, when the light is too bright. It also costs some money. The idea is to design and develop Smart OLED lamp which based on detected movement/activity of person will be switch on/off automatically also dim OLED panel up and down to proper/set level. Such lamp will give elderly people emotional comfort especially during the night. The lamp will be placed for example on the bedside table. The Smart OLED Lamp will be based on OLED light panel, EDISON module, epaper display, PIR sensor and buzzer. EDISON module will be responsible for communication with some wearable sleep/activity tracker via Bluetooth Low Energy. Smart OLED lamp will detect movement via PIR sensor. The lamp will be connected to Internet via  WiFi module (integrated in Edison module) and WiFi router. Thanks to this caregiver will be able to monitor activity of older person (very often older people live alone) via mobile or/and tablet app. Thanks to epaper display and buzzer older person will be informed at proper time about the list of medicine. OLED panel and very small Edison module will allow to keep the design of the lamp very comapct and stylish. 




    Best regards,


      Michal Gadaj